To help raise awareness, we're asking you to Take 5 minutes to find out more about this shocking issue of young runaways in the UK and how you can help.

These children come from all backgrounds. Children run away from affluent homes as well as low-income environments. They run away to escape bullying, loneliness and family breakdown as well as violence, abuse and neglect.

With nowhere to go, many children end up on the streets facing worse problems than they ran away from. Violence, drugs, and sexual abuse and exploitation are rife. With no means of support and no protection, these children often fade into the background, unseen by a society that finds their existence too uncomfortable to face.

Railway Children provides crucial support and services for children before, during and after they run away, racing to reach them before an abuser can.

100,000 children under the age of 16 run away every year.

That's one child every five minutes.

30% are aged 12 or younger.

One in six will sleep rough or with someone they've just met.

70% are never even reported missing.