Here in Britain we have a public transport system to be proud of. It is accessed by millions of people every day. But some of those are vulnerable people and we need to know how to recognise that and how to respond.

Working with British Transport Police, Railway Children has developed the Safeguarding on Transport (ST) programme to spread awareness of how to identify and protect those at risk on the transport network.

We originally concentrated on working with children but our approach has been so successful we have widened the project to include vulnerable adults as well. This could include those with mental health problems, victims of crime or children that have run away – anyone who needs our protection and that we have the opportunity to support. Our work can mark a turning point. Our work can change lives.

We plan to create a national safety network that will keep vulnerable children and adults safe across our public transport system. Click on the links below to find out how you can be part of it.

Join us to create a national safety network across the UK