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We fight for children living on the streets. We don’t want to change their lives for a day, or a week. We want to change their lives forever.

When we first reach out to a child on the streets who has nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to, we meet their pressing and vital needs. That means they're safe from harm today. But what about tomorrow?

We call our vision 3 Steps to Change. This ethos is the backbone of our work. It runs through everything we do. Click on the steps to find out more.

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Children living on the streets are symptoms of deeper problems, such as poverty, violence, family breakdown and abuse. Widespread negative perceptions stop them from getting the help they deserve. Governments who make the laws that affect children living on the streets don't always fully understand the issues they face. We understand that unless these wider issues are addressed, nothing will change.

When you support Railway Children, we want your money to work as hard as possible to make a difference.

Our pioneering work tackles the roots of problems in the home, in communities and in wider societies that lead to children living alone on the streets. Our numerous projects and initiatives not only help children in the immediate short-term but give them opportunities to really turn their lives around for good.

Many of the reasons that children end up living on the streets are common across geographical borders, but each country also has its own set of issues, prejudices, laws and difficulties. Our strategies are tailored to each country or region in which we work, taking into account the differences as well as the similarities. We carry out research to pinpoint the most prominent issues in each country, and work with partners who know the area, the children and the local culture.

Through a comprehensive range of strategies and initiatives, we fight to change the lives of children on the streets today and protect children who run away in the future.

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Where we work

Where we work

Railway Children fights to change the lives of children living alone and at risk on the streets in the UK, India and Eas… Find out more

Working with partners

Working with partners

We partner grassroots organisations who have invaluable local knowledge, established community relationships and project… Find out more

3 Steps to Change

3 Steps to Change

We believe that to achieve real, sustained change for children alone and at risk on the streets we need to fight for the… Find out more


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