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Every year thousands of children across the UK, India and East Africa run away or are forced to leave homes that have become unbearable through poverty, abuse, violence and neglect.

The IssueIn the UK, a child runs away from home every 5 minutes.

That's 100,000 children under 16 a year, and 70% of those children are never even reported missing by those who are supposed to love and protect them.

Unwanted, unloved and often abused, children find themselves alone and at risk on the streets simply because there's nowhere else to go and no one left to turn to.

The streets are often even more dangerous and frightening than the homes these children were desperate to escape.

Violence becomes a way of life; something to be endured and often a necessary means of survival. Sexual abuse and exploitation is rife.

03880018Drug use often seeps into the lives of children living on the streets and becomes impossible to avoid; drugs are often the only available escape from the hopelessness of their situation. These factors are the same across the three continents in which we work.

With no means of support or protection, these children fade into the background of the streets, often unseen by societies who either deny their existence or regard them as the 'norm'.

Find out how we fight to change the story for these children. 

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Dangers on the streets

Dangers on the streets

The dangers faced by children once they are on the streets are often even worse than those they were desperate to escape… Find out more

Drivers to the streets

Drivers to the streets

In every country in which we work, across geographical borders and cultural divides, children are living alone and at ri… Find out more



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