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We invest in research so that we can target our resources and work more effectively.

Our research also provides an essential evidence base of the issues that affect children alone on the streets.

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East Africa

Children on the Streets of Mwanza: Headcount Findings 2013

Detailing numbers of children and young people observed on the streets of Mwanza in December 2013, this report also includes night time data and builds on our findings of 2012.

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Children and Young People Living on the Streets in Mwanza, Tanzania

This report details the findings of a survey carried out in October 2012, using quantitative data of children and young people observed to be living and working on the streets of four zones of Mwanza City. 

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Struggling to Survive: Children living alone on the streets in Tanzania and Kenya

Find out about the 'silent war' being waged against children in Tanzania and Kenya who are forced on to the streets. 'Struggling to Survive' details the harsh realities of life for children on the streets in East Africa, in their own words.

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We recently commissioned a key piece of research exploring the impact of Reach, an intervention model the charity launched in 2010 to meet the needs of children before, during and after running away or going missing.

The report includes interviews and risk assessments of 53 young people with complex needs who have used Reach services.

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Off the Radar: Children and young people on the streets in the UK

Offering an incredible insight into the hard-to-reach world of some of Britain's most excluded children and young people, 'Off the Radar' is a comprehensive qualitative research study that looks in detail at the lives, situations and experiences of more than one hundred of the most detached children and young people in the UK.

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Breaking the Cycle of Violence

Safe Families Safe Children (SFSC) is an international coalition of children's charities that includes Railway Children. The coalition's report 'Breaking the Cycle of Violence' reveals that the UK government is failing in its legal requirements to intervene and prevent the continued abuse of children in their homes.

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Executive Summary: Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU) Intervention

A recent evaluation of the intervention with Delhi Special Juvenile Police Unit, where social workers are employed as part of the team to ensure the care and protection of children.

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Collective Action for Children

A report by Railway Children India examining how the Railway Protection Force is collaborating with Railway Children partners to provide assistance to vulnerable children living on India's railway platforms.

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Executive Summary of Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation at Railway Stations in India

Railway Children works with partners and other agencies to reach out to vulnerable children who live on and around railway stations in India and to raise awareness of the dangers they face.

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Beyond Survival

A study by Railway Children on the status of livelihood programmes for children and young people alone and at risk on the streets in India.

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Process documentation of Lucknow - India's first 'Child Friendly Station'

An executive summary of the processes and initiatives that have led to India's first 'child friendly' station.

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