As the departure date for Ride India 2019 gets closer, Jo McDonald has kept up her training, even though weather and health issues have plagued her at times…


Battling through the tough times to prepare for challenge

I can’t quite believe that it’s almost time to go. The last month has been fraught to say the least. We have a run of bad weather, when it was either too windy or too icy, and then I was hit with illness in the form of a head and chest virus that has left me feeling exhausted every day.

Nevertheless, on the days I couldn’t get outside I used the indoor turbo trainer. It turns out that that was by no means the soft option. With no wind on your face it doesn’t take long to work up a sweat and 30 minutes seems like forever. If I hadn’t been training for the challenge, I’m not sure that I would have had the grit to keep going but the combination of knowing that the date was creeping up however I felt and regular doses of sinus infection meds meant keep going I did!

As it happens, I definitely felt the benefit of the tougher indoor cycling. Once I did eventually get back outside 20 or 30 miles seem to slip by far more easily and I’m starting to get genuinely excited at the thought of the major miles ahead… NEXT WEEK!!


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