The Railway Children Sleepout 2022

Thank you for taking part in the #BigStationSleepout.

You're changing the lives of children who find themselves alone and at risk on stations and streets in the UK, India and East Africa.

Please take some time during the night to watch this short film, and if you'd like to watch more of our videos to learn about the work we do across the world, click the link below.


Don't forget to take lots of photos and videos this evening and share them on social media.

Just use the hashtag #BigStationSleepout and tagging @RailwayChildren on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, and on Instagram (direct links to our profiles can be found in the footer of this page).

Want to join the Sleepout 2022 discussion? Click here for our Facebook group. 

Need some help with getting to sleep?

Grab your headphones, get as comfortable as you can, and watch this video from Tianne Croshaw - founder of the Resilience Wellbeing Partnership and long-term Railway Children supporter. She has provided us with some excellent relaxation tips and tricks to help you snuggle down for the night. 

Share this with your Sleepout buddies! 

Watch more videos from us >


One last thing! We'd love to hear from you... 


We are in the process of planning Rail Aid 2022 and want to ask you what kind of events would motivate and inspire you to take part! 

Rail Aid is a UK Rail fundraising initiative on behalf of the industry’s favourite charity Railway Children. Over the past two years, it has raised over £1.2m, the impact of which will be felt for years to come.

So, while you take part in tonight’s Sleepout, we’d love you to suggest some fundraising activities that we can explore for Rail Aid 2022.

We can’t promise they’ll all come to life but no idea is a bad idea! What have you seen that’s worked well? What have you always wanted to do? What would make you laugh/smile? 

Share your ideas here >