The challenge of a lifetime

If you've been inspired by the recent Comic Relief expedition, now’s your chance to climb the world’s highest freestanding mountain - the awe-inspiring Mount Kilimanjaro. Towering at a staggering height of 5,895m (19,341ft) it is one of the largest volcanoes ever to break through the Earth’s crust and provides a trekking challenge not to be underestimated. Our adventure next February takes us up the beautiful Rongai route, a quieter approach which has an excellent summit success rate. The enormity of the trek is difficult to comprehend – the summit day alone sees us ascend more than 1,000m – but so are the rewards at the end, with awesome views and an indescribably sense of pride. 

Star-studded skies

The Rongai Route is one of the less crowded routes to the summit. It begins in attractive farmland and forest, with the possibility of wildlife viewing, before passing through several different climate zones. Temperatures drop at night, allowing you to enjoy the crisp cool air under the star-studded African skies. During the days you will rise higher, often looking down on a sea of clouds.

An unspoilt route

The expedition has been carefully planned to ensure that you acclimatise as much as possible to the altitude and your chances of making it to the summit are maximised. You have an extra day's acclimatisation at Mawenzi Tarn to achieve this. The deviation to Mawenzi Tarn is very beautiful and on a little-used trail through moorland. This route retains a sense of unspoilt wilderness.

Time to celebrate

On the final night before the summit climb you will rise at around midnight to commence the final trek in the moonlight up the scree slopes to Gillman’s point. Your aim is to reach this point by dawn and continue around the rim to the highest point, Uhuru Peak. This is likely to be the toughest day that most trekkers have ever experienced, involving 1,195m of ascent and 2,195m of descent.

Meet the children whose lives you'll be changing

After climbing the mountain, you will then visit the Railway Children project in Mwanza and spend a whole day there to see first-hand what a difference your fundraising is making. Working with children they meet on the streets of the city, the teams offer a safe place for these vulnerable youngsters to come to for help, support, food, education and to take the first steps in being reunited with their families. The smiles on the faces of the amazing and resilient children you’ll meet will make the hardship of your mountain challenge all worthwhile.

Road to Kili: Railway Children's Kilimajaro Trek

It'll be ten years since our first Railway Children climb up Kili – but those that took part last time still talk about their amazing and inspiring journey. Watch this short film to see how profoundly they were all affected by the incredible experience.