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Breaking the cycle

An online conference on street connected children to bring together expertise and share ideas

7th & 8th September 2021

Railway Children Africa has been reaching and protecting children living and working on the streets of East Africa for more than a decade. In that time, we’ve learnt what drives children to find sanctuary on the streets and developed methodologies to intervene and protect them from further harm or intervene and support them to reintegrate in communities and safe families.

Street connected children and youth are one of the hardest to reach populations in society. They have often been forced into the harsh environment after escaping serious issues at home such as neglect, poverty, physical and sexual abuse, family breakdown and violence. Once on the streets, they experience further harm, often from adults, which makes it even harder for them to trust service providers who are genuinely trying to help them.

This free conference will share Railway Children Africa's experience in gaining that trust, and working to address the root causes of children running away to the streets. We will bring together other professionals and organisations from the sector to share innovative, ground-breaking interventions across the two days. There will be a series of sessions led by local and international experts and practitioners in the field as well as opportunities to identify potential initiatives for joint programming.

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This conference has now passed but the various speakers have made their presentation available for download - see the table below 

   Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Safeguarding Does safeguarding make practical sense? Funder Safeguarding Collaborative Karen Walker - Simpson

Safeguarding Tanzania’s National Child Strategy Ministry of Justice - Tanzania Ester Msambazi

Safeguarding Safeguarding and Child Protection: Railway Children Africa’s Experience Railway Children Africa


Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Therapeutic models for families Global Mental Health and Psychosocial Response to family violence St Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Stephanie Skavenski - PhD

Therapeutic models for families Therapeutic models for families: Interventions to improve family relationships and reduce violence within the home Railway Children Africa Mary Gatama

Therapeutic models for families Impact Evaluation of Intensive Reintegration work with families of children living and working on the streets

National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) and Railway Children Africa

Joyce Wamoyi and Jane Thompson


Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Unlocking the potential of street connected children Street outreach with children and youth on the streets Railway Children Africa Mary Mushi

Unlocking the potential of street connected children Unlocking the potential of street connected children and young people: Starting from the streets StreetSmart Sander Degeling


Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Care reform in Eastern Africa Understanding the who, what, why and how involved in moving the care reform agenda forward Changing the Way We Care Fredrick Mutinda

Care reform in Eastern Africa Care reform Child’s 1 Foundation

Care reform in Eastern Africa 10 lessons learnt: Care reform global perspectives Little Light Delia Pop

Care reform in Eastern Africa Safeguarding and Child Protection: Railway Children Africa’s Experience Railway Children Africa Shermin Moledina

Care reform in Eastern Africa Care reform in Eastern Africa: Global Perspectives, Emerging Lessons, Challenges and Critical Issues in providing care Railway Children Africa Rose Kagoro


Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Effective models of youth empowerment Effective models of empowering marginalized youth Kenya Society of Careleavers

Effective models of youth empowerment Youth empowerment Lyra in Africa Roselyne Mariki

Effective models of youth empowerment Effective models of empowerment for marginalized youth Railway Children Africa


Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Integration of HIV Services Integrating Mental Health in HIV services for OVC and Street Youth St John Hokins Bloomberg School of Public Health Stephanie Skanvenski

Integration of HIV Services Differentiated HIV Package of services for children living and working on the streets Pact Tanzania Dr Charles Makoko


Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Interventions to address gender-based violence Learning from SASA experience in Uganda: Partnerships and Intersecting between Violence Against Women and Violence Against Children SASA

Interventions to address gender-based violence No Means, No Kenya: Empowerment Transformation Training Ujamaa Africa Nancy Akoth


Session Name Webinar Title Organisation Speaker Download link
Parenting Programs Promoting Positive Parenting for parents and caregivers Changing the Way we Care Fidelis Muthani, Alice Kabwe and Immaculate Salaon

Parenting Programs Positive parenting Government of Tanzania

Parenting Programs Parenting for lifelong health intervention in Tanzania Pact Tanzania Ulumbi Elias

Parenting Programs Parenting Program: Application of evidence-based methodologies in the East African context Railway Children Africa Mary Mushi

Parenting Programs Parenting guidance for designing parenting programs for violence prevention UNICEF Tanzania Mbelwa Gabagambi

Parenting Programs Video Integration Guidance: Healing relationships and enhancing pride Railway Children Africa

Hilary Kennedy, Mary Mushi and Irene Kimaro

Meet the speakers

Meet the speakers

Nancy Akoth

Nancy Akoth is an accomplished Project Management Professional with an in-depth understanding in developing and implementing sexual and gender-based programs. She is well-versed in spearheading new initiatives in support of functional operations and project completion. She is currently the Programs Manager at Ujamaa Africa where she coordinates the implementation of the Ujamaa's school-based program- Empowerment Transformation Training. The program seeks to provide a comprehensive rape prevention strategies for both girls and boys and implemented in Kenya, Malawi, Somalia, and South Sudan. Over the past 7 years, she has lead the development and implementation of strategies to improve empowerment self-defense program while also designing and modifying  program to march  the contextual realities within Ujamaa’ areas of operations more specifically Kakuma, Daadab, Malawi and Somalia. Her expertise ranges from conceptualization, design, administration, and monitoring of programs, leadership, quality management and fundraising. She is a certified member of Project Management Professional (PMP) and is currently undertaking Bachelor of Arts degree in Project Management at the University of Nairobi. She has previously been part of the Yes, I Do Alliance Project Implementation and Technical Team, and taken part in the Gender Transformative Approach Trainers of Trainees training conducted by Rutgers Netherlands in Nairobi. She is also a certified Master trainer (Trainers of Trainees).


Edith Apiyo

Edith Apiyo is the Changing the Way We Care project manager for inclusive family strengthening. Edith holds a master’s degree in Project Planning and Management (University of Nairobi) and is master trainer in Psychosocial support tools by REPSSI. She has expertise in Social Inclusion, HIV/AIDS, Gender and Child protection interventions (ECD, age-appropriate positive parenting, psychosocial support, child counselling, disability inclusion). For the last 13 years, Edith has conceptualized and executed several programs funded by USAID, Australia Government, FCDO (formally DFID) and Conrad Hilton Foundation. Edith is a leader in promoting evidence-informed programs and policymaking initiatives for better social and health outcomes for children and families.

Samora Asere

Samora Asere is a Child Protection and Alternative Care Practitioner. He has personal experience having been brought up in institutional care for over 10 years.
Presently, he sits at the board of Kenya Society of Care Leavers ( as a chair, which is a registered network of young people 18+ who spent part or all of their childhood in residential care and rehabilitation centers; the network foregrounds the issues of people with lived care experience to help them have better life outcomes.

Keren Child

Ms Keren Child is an advanced Professional and Manager with over 8 years of experience in child protection, project management and community led responses for child and family welfare in most vulnerable circumstances. I have experience in program design, implementation especially with local partners, strategic management, planning and coordination.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Social Administration, as well as training in Project Planning and Management, data management and has undertaken various short courses in Monitoring and Evaluation.
Contributed to successfully delivery of DFID UKAMI II project ensuring follow-up of overall project delivery, reporting to various donors. She has been taking a lead role in the area of Monitoring Evaluation, Accountability and Learning.
Most of her experience has been concentrated around deinstitutionalisation of most vulnerable children in orphanages making sure they regain their right to family based care.

Georgina Harris-Hill

Georgina Harris – Hill is the founder of Pamoja Leo children’s charity working to transform care for children in Tanzania. She has her BSc in International Development from LSE and submitting her thesis currently on her MA in Development education and global learning with a special interest and focus in children’s rights in practice. She has an interest in early childhood development, family based care for children, the impacts of orphanage tourism and is passionate about the healing power of play! She is the mother of two fabulous children who remain the greatest teachers, avid traveler and lover of cross cultural living and learning.

Alice Tenjiwe Kabwe

Alice Tenjiwe Kabwe is a transdisciplinary early childhood development professional and disability and inclusion advocate. Alice holds an Ed.M from Harvard University Graduate School of Education in Human Development and Psychology. Alice has over 13 years of experience working in the intersections of health, early learning, responsive caregiving and disability inclusion throughout Africa and in the United States. She is passionate about translating the science of early childhood development, multisectoral collaboration, and creating inclusive environments through policy, practice and research. Alice co-founded the Universal Baby project. Her current work focuses on creating disability inclusive parenting resources and gathering diverse examples of responsive caregiving practices globally.  Alice has collaborated and partnered with global and regional partners such as Africa Early Childhood Network, Catholic Relief Services, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, UNICEF, and WHO.

Hilary Kennedy

Hilary Kennedy is a leading developer of Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) in the UK, an educational psychologist and an Honorary Research associate at University College London. She is currently a freelance VIG trainer working focusing at present onnew perinatal and domestic abuse projects. She is developing the joint CEO of AVIGuk focusing on research, training and development. She has been fortunate to be involved in international VIG developments in Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Tanzania, Ecuador and Mexico.

She has co-edited two books on VIG with Miriam Landor and Liz Todd. Video Interaction Guidance: A Relationship-Based Intervention to Promote Attunement, Empathy and Well being in 2011 and Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP: Professional Development through attuned interaction) in 2015. She writes many articles and has contributed chapters to 3 recent books on Innovative Research in Infant Wellbeing, Family Justice and Neglect.

Pete Kent

Pete is an experienced development professional, child protection specialist, and leader in the Charity Sector. Pete has worked in various roles within Railway Children for the past 17 years.  Over this time he has helped develop complex trauma response and family reintegration methodologies for children detached from their families in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.  Pete applies his knowledge of charity governance and leadership as Chairman of various organisations including TanzED, an educational development Charity in Tanzania; and ABC, an organisation supporting refuges and asylum seekers in the UK.

Dr Asheri Barankena

Dr. Barankena has ten years (nearly five years with Pact) of experience in clinical, research, and community-based HIV programming. He is currently the Deputy Chief of Party for a USAID Kizazi Kipya project, with his career path, progressively advancing to this position from HIV Integration Advisor and then Senior Technical Advisor. He is well-experienced in evidence-based public health approaches towards achieving HIV epidemic control.  He has worked closely to achieve these goals with the National AIDS Control Program and other key stakeholders in Tanzania, including PEPFAR implementing partners and Civil Society Organizations.

Charles Makoko

Results-oriented Health Programs Specialist with more than 7 years of success in coordinating, implementing, and managing, monitoring, and evaluating HIV program activities.

Dr. Charles Makoko is a medical doctor and a certified Project Management specialist who has worked in HIV programs for 7 years.  He has supported projects on attaining the 95-95-95 UNAIDS goals and ensuring the quality of services for people living with HIV across the continuum of care.

He is currently the HIV Integration Advisor for the USAID Kizazi Kipya project implemented by Pact with Railway Children as a consortium partner.

Fidelis Muthoni

Fidelis Muthoni is the Changing the Way We Care parenting and social behavior change manager. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Project Planning and Management. Her work involves promoting engagement in positive parent/child relationship during reintegration, family strengthening for sustainable reintegration and increasing retention in families. For the last thirteen years, Fidelis held various positions at CRS working on projects that focused on HIV, orphans and vulnerable children, parenting and early childhood development. She loves working with communities and families in ensuring that children thrive and maximize their human potential.

Fredrick Mutinda

Fredrick Mutinda is the project director for Changing the Way We Care Kenya. His current role involves providing leadership to the CTWWC Kenya team, building effective partnerships, and collaboration within and outside the Changing the Way We Care initiative. As a professional social worker, Fred brings over sixteen years of expertise in national and international care and protection programs. Seven of these years have been with Catholic Relief Services as the child protection technical lead for various projects. Ten years have been with CEFA NGO in partnership with Government of Kenya as the regional coordinator on children juvenile justice reform, case management, child labor, and violence against children and instituting care reform within twenty government statutory institutions.  Currently serving as a member of Kenya national care reform core team and the vice-chair of the association for alternative family care for children in Kenya and also a member of senior management team (SMT) for CTWWC global. My strong conviction is that it possible for all children to grow up in safe and nurturing families.

Gabriella Pinto

Gabriella Pinto currently serves as a Technical Advisor on Violence Against Women Prevention with Raising Voices, based in Kampala. She has previously held technical advisory roles with Plan International UK and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, with a focus on girls’ empowerment programs, as well as violence prevention programs that engage children and young people. She holds a master’s degree in Education, Gender and International Development from the UCL Institute of Education and a bachelor’s degree from Yale University.

Delia Pop

Delia is a passionate advocate for children rights, with over 20 years’ experience in implementing and leading the reform of child care and protection systems across over 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean Region and Southern Asia.

Trained as a medical doctor, Delia started her career in child protection in Romania, her native country, where she pioneered the transition of children out of institutions back into families and communities.

Author, trainer, and mentor Delia is managing Tanya’s Dream Fund, a grant making special initiative focused on ensuring that in Bulgaria, children grow up in families and have access to services they need to thrive.

Delia is the co-founder of A Little Light, a social enterprise, with a mission to spark change by supporting women in leadership in grass roots organisations to reform their national systems for children and families.

Bekka Ross Russel

Bekka is the executive director of The Small Things, an NGO created to empower orphaned and vulnerable children and their families using the continuum of care model, which prioritizes keeping families together, with foster placement or adoption as a second choice, and high quality, attachment-focused residential care available as a last resort, when it is in the best interest of the child. TST also provides a daycare and preschool, weekend tutoring, business development, microfinance savings and loan groups, and vocational programs which are open to the wider community. The Small Things is built around the holistic vision of Martha Ayo, a local expert with over 30 years of experience caring for OVC in the community, and we are proud to have 100% Tanzanian management for all programs, engaging foreigners in support, administrative, capacity building and donor-facing roles exclusively. Through the Families and Futures Coalition, we are working to to unite and empower the fractured ecosystem of OVC care organizations across Tanzania, through access to practical program toolkits, training on best practices, shared specialist services, and a robust referral network. Bekka received an MPA in International Development at the London School of Economics, and is passionate about combining her academic grounding with best practices and local knowledge to provide as many opportunities as possible for the incredible children and families that TST works with. For more information on TST’s work, please check out or the Families and Futures Coalition website at

Immaculate Salaon

Immaculate Salaon is a graduate of Kenyatta University, Kenya, a certified Project Manager, and an educationist with a strong background training in early childhood development (ECD) and community development. She has worked for the past 18 years multiple non-governmental organizations and government departments implementing projects targeting vulnerable children. She is currently a consultant and specialist in ECD supporting various organizations and government departments across Kenya and beyond. She has closely collaborated with UNICEF, WHO, Aga Khan Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, ChildFund, PATH, Africa Early Childhood Network and Early Childhood Network for Kenya. Ms. Salaon is currently working on developing disability inclusive parenting resources for children below 17 years. She is is the founder and Executive Director of Community Initiatives Agenda, a Kenyan NGO in Kenya that collaborates with other partners to addresses gaps that hinder children from developing to their full potential.

Karen Walker-Simpson

Karen Walker-Simpson is the Director of the Funder Safeguarding Collaborative, which promotes greater collaboration and learning among funding agencies to strengthen safeguarding practices.  Karen spent the last eight years as a Safeguarding Specialist for international NGOs working across Africa, Asia, and Latin America before moving to Comic Relief as the organization’s Head of Safeguarding. Karen has just completed doctoral research examining the effectiveness of international safeguarding standards and donor requirements when applied by NGOs in Tanzania.

Stephanie Skavenski

Stephanie Skavenski, MSW, MPH has dedicated her career to the practice, study and scale up of evidence based mental health assessment and treatment first in the US and then in low- and middle-income countries. Stephanie lived in Zambia for 10 years where she worked with local partners and the Ministry of Health to scale up evidenced based interventions and systems of care for mental and behavioral health for children and families.   During this time, she also trained, supervised and implemented interventions in over 16 other countries including Cambodia, DRC, Thailand, Colombia, Iraq, South Africa, Myanmar, Ukraine, Lebanon, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mexico, Peru and Rwanda. She is trained as a TF-CBT trainer and is a co-developer of CETA, CETA short sessions and CETA Brief Intervention for Substance Use. 

Jane Thompson

Jane has over 20 years’ experience in management and research roles within UK and international charities.  She has designed and carried out a range of mixed methods research, including peer research with homeless young people.  Most of her work has been with children and young people and she has an interest in participatory methods that engage and empower service users.  For the last eight years she has managed the research and evaluation programme at Railway Children, strengthening the evidence base for interventions with children at risk on the streets and creating a culture of evaluation and learning that drives service improvement.

Averino Michael Chaula

My name is Averino Michael Chaula, born in Njombe region, a holder of Diploma in Education and a Bachelor degree in Counselling Psychology.

In my career I worked with Iringa District Council as a teacher (2002-2009), Njombe District Council as Social Welfare Officer from March 2010 to July 2021 and now am working with the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender and Children as Senior Social Welfare officer.

My ambition is to improve most vulnerable groups wellbeing especially the children as they are the weakest to stand alone.

In my professional am proud of launching and successfully implementing child protection interventions funded by UNICEF in Njombe District council.

Mary Gatama

Mary works for Railway Children Africa (RCA) as the Technical Lead for Children Living and Working in the streets. RCA works to support Children Living and Working in the streets (CLWS) across East Africa by responding to their immediate needs; challenging communities’ perceptions on street connected children; and advocating to Governments to ensure issues of street connected children remain as part of their political agenda.

Mary has working experience with vulnerable populations across East Africa. She has been involved in building practice of civil society organizations (CSOs) to understand and respond to the psychological and emotional needs of children living and working in the streets (CLWS) and their families. She has been instrumental in supporting local NGOs to contextualize and apply the educational therapeutic approach adopted from Juconi, a strategic partner for RCA in providing technical support in developing RCA family work programme. Mary is passionate about sharing and learning from others, especially practices that seek to support families in raising children in a protective environment that provide safety.  

Mary Mushi

Mary Mushi is working as Training and Practice Development Officer at Railway Children Africa. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Counselling Psychology, and over 6 years’ experience working therapeutically with Children, caregivers, and families. She is also an accredited VIG Practitioner (Video Interaction Guidance) and TOT in ACT Raising Safe Kids Program. In her role as a training and practice development officer, she provides technical support including training to civil society organizations in designing and implementing the family therapeutic methodology and ACT Raising Safe Kids Program. Mary’s dream is seeing vulnerable children grow in safe families and living their life purpose, it is for this reason she is dedicated and passionate to work with Caregivers to support them become best version of themselves and become better parents. 

Mbelwa Gabagambi

Mbelwa Gabagambi is a Child Protection Specialist currently working with UNICEF Tanzania. He has extensive experience in providing technical support to government and civil society organizations in establishing and rolling out a child protection system. At UNICEF Tanzania, he leads a portfolio on strengthening case management and alternative care processes within the child protection system.

Mr Gabagambi has an MSc in Community Economic Development (Southern New Hampshire University - USA) and Postgraduate Diploma in Child Protection in Emergencies (University of KwaZulu Natal-South Africa). He earned the National Vocation Qualification on Health and Social Care (NVQ 2 and NVQ3) in the United Kingdom, where he also practiced as a Support Assistant in alternative care institutions which supported children and youths with mental health challenges.

Mr. Gabagambi has worked with various organizations in different capacities, including with Pact Tanzania (Child Protection Specialist), Netherlands Development Organization (Advisor for Local Government strengthening), Concern Worldwide (Programme Officer - Civil Society Strengthening) and Education and Career Development Support (Managing Director).

Ulumbi Elias

Ulumbi Elias is currently Gender and Youth Officer of USAID Kizazi Kipya project implemented by Pact Tanzania.Holds a Master of Science in project planning and management (MSc PPM) and bachelor’s degree of Project Planning and Management (BAPPM).  She has experience of more than 7 years in project planning, coordination, and management in various public health programs especially in Adolescent HIV prevention and gender interventions. Ulumbi is currently working with USAID Kizazi Kipya Project as Acting Gender and Youth Advisor at Pact Tanzania.

Andy McCullough

Andy McCullough has worked in the childcare world for over 33 years. In this time, he has managed national projects and policy on sexual exploitation and child protection for a number of National charities. Andy has expertise in safeguarding and child protection with a particular focus on missing or runaway children. During the last 15 years at Railway Children, he has managed pioneering work with the transport industry and British transport police and is currently the Director for safeguarding for the organisation.

Roselyne Mariki

Roselyne Mariki is an Engineer, currently working as the National Director for Lyra in Africa (Tanzania -, an Organization that works to create vibrant, sustainable rural Communities in Tanzania, where children can complete their Secondary Education, and where Girls have equal economic opportunities. Roselyne has over 15 years experience in management, and has worked in different industries including Forestry (in rural based areas), Tourism and Renewable Energy. Her current work involves working with Most Vulnerable People, including Girls, Youth, Persons with Disability and Women in Rural areas. 

Rose Kagoro

Rose Kagoro works for Railway Children Africa (RCA) as Advocacy Manager. She also leads the Care Reform work within RCA that supports orphanages in reintegrating children to family based care, transitioning their operating models, and establishing a network of CSOs working on care reform to share their experiences and learning.

Rose has experience in setting up and nurturing networks, building and maintaining relations with government ministries, institutions and NGOs.

Sander Degeling

Since 2015, Sander Degeling is the coordinator for all StreetSmart projects in Africa and Asia. He has worked with local street work teams in over 15 countries and is responsible for the follow-up and coaching of local organisations working with the mobile schools. In addition, he develops educational materials for youth workers and coordinates local teams working with the other digital StreetSmart products to maximize impact on the streets.

Dionis Shimbi

A value-driven public health professional with over 8 years of experience in implementing health and Child Protection programmes (HIV programs, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Psychosocial Support, Community Based HIV Services and OVC programs) targeting marginalized and hard to reach communities. 

He has proven proficiency in program design and implementation, organizational capacity development and partnership management.  

Dionis holds a master’s degree in public health and bachelor’s degree of Project Planning and Management. He currently works for Railway Children Africa as a Program Development and Partnership Management Lead, based in Dar es Salaam.

Joanna Wakia

Joanna Wakia is a Senior Associate with Maestral International and is currently serving as Senior MEAL Advisor for CTWWC.

Joanna coordinates CTWWC’s monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL) activities across the global initiative, working with a wonderful MEAL team. She has 15 years’ experience developing and leading monitoring, evaluation and research work focused on child protection, family reintegration and family strengthening. Joanna is committed to pioneering child-focused monitoring approaches which bring out children’s and caregivers’ experiences.

She has led evaluations and research studies which focus on the complexities of family-child separation, with an emphasis on participatory approaches which place children at the centre of evidence-building, whilst balancing robust but accessible methodologies. Joanna lives in Kenya.

Irene Kimaro

Irene Kimaro works for Railway Children Africa as a Project Officer- Family Work, having 8 years of experience of working with children living and working on the streets (CLWS)and families.

She is an accredited Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) Practitioner and TOT in ACT Raising Safe Kids Programs. Her role is to ensure street connected children are reintegrated into safe families and to support caregivers heal from their childhood trauma so that they can raise and nurture their children.

Irene is always eager to learn more about models and interventions of working with vulnerable children and families to incorporate into her practitioner’s toolkit.

Shermin Moledina

Shermin Moledina works with Railway Children Africa as Programs Training and Practice Development Advisor. She has over two decades of experience working in homelessness, child protection, child rights, mental health and trauma- focused interventions with children, youth and families. Shermin has worked with the Caucus for Children’s Rights in Tanzania, and Mkombozi centre for Street Children where she developed programs and services for street-connected children and their families and spearheaded initiatives to advocate for their rights.

She also works as a consultant with NGOs, CBOs and local government authorities to develop and implement systems and procedures to safeguard and protect children and vulnerable adults in their programs.

Shermin is passionate about social justice and challenging cultural norms that deny woman and children from living as equal citizens. She strives to challenge herself in her personal and work life and enjoys supporting others to reach their full potential. Shermin holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago.

Siân Long

Siân Long is a Senior Associate with Maestral International. She has over 25 years of working on issues of children affected by HIV and child protection. She has spent many years living and working in Southern Africa and is now based in the UK. She is currently working on positive parenting programme design and implementation, with a focus on violence prevention and gender issues, in countries including Kenya, Sierra Leone, Colombia and Guatemala.