Our teams in the UK work with some of the most vulnerable families and young people – so the impact of coronavirus in continuing to hit them hard, and present us with new challenges every day.

Many of them struggled with the social isolation lockdown caused, while others found refuge in the restrictions that forced them away from bullies, gangs and problems.

As the situations change these troubled young people are having to adjust once more and for many September will be another challenging time. Often we work with young people who are not in education and settling them back in to schools and colleges is not easy, taking time and perseverance from the team. This could be even more of a challenge when the new term starts and schools reopen for the first time since March.

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Our teams have seen an increase in the severity of new cases – from suicide attempts to assaults and mental health breakdowns. As public transport recommences, unfortunately so have county lines gangs and drug traffickers that often exploit young people to work for them. We continue to take referrals from British Transport Police who find children at risk across the rail network and now ‘meet’ with many young people virtually. However, our project workers have been happy to be back seeing their cases face to face, ensuring everyone is socially distanced and wearing PPE where necessary.

Whatever it takes, and however we need to adapt to new approaches, we have the same commitment and will do whatever it takes to make to safeguard and support the young people across the UK who need us now and as we recover from coronavirus.