Help keep children safe as Coronavirus continues to devastate India

The Coronavirus crisis in India is getting worse by the day. The virus is spreading at a terrifying rate, with the current variant particularly passing between children, and the country’s healthcare system is completely overwhelmed.

Thousands of people are dying every day and experts say the second wave of the virus is still yet to reach its deadly peak.

Our teams are doing everything they can to reach the children and families we work with before the virus does and keep them safe.


We have already identified over 6,000 families living in fragile, slum communities, including over 18,000 children that are in desperate need.

They have little sanitation and washing facilities to keep clean so struggle to protect themselves from the virus. Our outreach teams, normally based in India’s railways, have adapted their approach to get to these families before it is too late.

With your help we can deliver emergency hygiene safety kits to those in need.

These kits contain soap, sanitiser and masks so that families have a chance to keep clean and protect themselves during this lethal pandemic. We’re also offering advice on what precautions they can take and explaining the dangers of transmission so they understand the risks. We’re setting up information desks within each slum community to share this life saving information.

Many of the families will lose all forms of income the longer the virus rages across the country – leaving many without access to money or food. We have emergence food parcels ready to distribute to those that struggle to feed their families and we’re keeping in touch with the most vulnerable so we can support them as much as possible.


Your donations will be spent directly on emergency relief in these slum communities in the first instance and on our wider work in India after that.