Meet Purnima

Purnima had just one wish – to go to school every day. 

When we first met her, Purnima was 11 years old and living at Itarsi Station in Central India with her parents and two siblings after the family fell on hard times. Her family could hardly afford to eat, so there was no money for school fees, books or uniform and Purnima had not attended school for many years.

To make money for food, Purnima went begging with the younger children and worked reselling used water bottles. But living on the streets is dangerous. The family was constantly forced to hide from the authorities who, instead of helping the family, hassled and harassed them, making life even more miserable.

She dreams of being an air hostess one day and travelling the world…

Purnima accepted help and shelter. She was given food, clean clothes and - for the first time in her life - toys to play with.

The children stayed at the shelter while we helped their parents to find a safe place to live and a way of supporting their family so that they would be able to afford to send Purnima and her sisters to school.

The children are now back with their parents and they are all working hard together to create a happy future. 

I passed the 6th grade with 1st division and am proud to share that I am a state level softball player.

Send a child to school

Your gift can help us get children back into education and taking the first steps towards a safe and happy future.

Could pay for books and teaching materials used by the mobile teams, reaching out with the gift of education to children on the streets

Could equip a child with books, a uniform and shoes – the bare essentials for accessing education in East Africa

Could pay for a child on the streets in India to go to school for a whole year