Stopping children from vanishing for good

Thousands of children are disappearing from India’s railway stations

Forced into child labour or sex work most of these children are never seen again. We race to reach them before they disappear and get to them before an abuser does – but it happens in minutes and we need your help.

Donate now and stop children from vanishing for good

A gift this Christmas can help us reach children before an abuser or trafficker does.

£12 could fund the running of a Child Help Desk at a station for a week

£60 would feed 10 children 3 meals a day for a week at one of our shelters in India

£200 could pay for an outreach worker in India for a month, to search the streets for children most at risk


A child arrives alone at a station in India every five minutes.


More than 9,000 children in India were trafficked in 2016.* We are already working in some stations where we have opened help desks for children to get advice and support. We’ve trained station staff to look out for and protect them and set up shelters nearby where they can get food, clothes and a safe place to sleep. But we need to do the same, in more locations, to reach more children.

Help us make 19 stations safe

How your gift can stop children like Raju vanishing

Since we opened our Child Help Desk at Salem station in March, 431 children have been rescued by our team. Children like Raju, who we found on the platform having escaped from a chicken factory where he was forced to work long hours, beaten and abused. We took him to our shelter where he was given food, a shower, clean clothes and support to return home safely.

We have identified the locations in India where we’ll make the biggest impact - the places where we need to get to children before traffickers do and they vanish for good. With 180 children going missing every day* in India we must act now. Please donate today.

*Reported by Reuters, September 2017
*Figures from the organisation CRY (Child Rights and You)