Welcome to Mark and Alison’s wedding donation page

As a celebration of their marriage Mark and Alison have kindly offered to support Railway Children instead of accepting gifts from their family and friends. This incredible gesture will help us keep fighting for children around the world who have no one to care for and protect them.

Their generosity will make sure we can reach these vulnerable children first, before an abuser, trafficker or someone else planning to exploit them, and change their lives.

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We have a shared love of India and its amazing people. During a recent visit to India, we had the privilege to see at first hand the fantastic work this charity is doing in Ghaziabad, for children who arrive alone and scared at railway stations. They work tirelessly to identify vulnerable children who have left home as a consequence of abuse, poverty or neglect. Their aim is to reach children as soon as they arrive at a station or on the streets, before an abuser can. They work with street children in India, East Africa and the UK. We have been extremely blessed in our own lives and, on this very special occasion of our wedding, we felt it would be lovely if we could also celebrate the life changing work of Railway Children. Any donation to this fantastic cause would be much appreciated.


Thank you and with much love,

Mark and Ali xx