New resources to educate UK children on the risks of running away

  • Date: 02/02/2016
  • In: UK

Education Pack

Railway Children has recently launched a resource pack to help children and young people understand the risks of running away, and how to identify safer alternatives and people who may be able to help them.

Senior teachers with extensive experience of working with pupils facing social, emotional, behavioural and mental health issues have partnered with Railway Children to develop The Runaway Prevention Education Pack, which has been awarded a PSHE Association Quality Mark.

Every year 100,000 children under 16 run away from home or care in the UK, and at least 18,000 sleep rough or with someone they have just met. The new resources have been designed to be delivered by teachers and youth professionals and can be downloaded here.

Sarah Lanchin, UK Programme Manager at Railway Children, said:

“Schools can play a vital role in protecting young people by helping them to explore risky situations in a safe environment. The pack encourages young people to think about how they can stay safe and who can help them. Sadly, we know that when a young person runs away the situation can quickly escalate and lead to abuse and exploitation.“

All the resources have been developed in line with PSHE Association guidance. They take into account its Ten Principles of good PSHE Education. Each corresponds to a Key Stage 2, 3 or 4 lesson.

PSHE Association Subject Specialist Karen Summers said:

“Railway Children’s resources explore issues relating to emotional wellbeing and mental health such as friendships and bullying, family life, homelessness, child sexual exploitation and domestic violence. The materials are extremely well-planned and provide a series of strong starting points for subsequent learning and follow-up in other areas of the curriculum. Pupil activities are engaging and stimulating, ensuring that this resource will make a powerful contribution to high quality PSHE provision in school.”

New resources available for you to download

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