The delay that can repay for Railway Children

  • Date: 09/03/2017

Railway Children has joined forces with East Midlands Trains to help bring a positive result from unfortunate circumstances.

Delayed EMT passengers will now be given the choice between claiming their refund from the operator and donating it directly to Railway Children.

The move hopes to transform passengers’ frustrations into positive impressions, while helping Railway Children transform lives in the UK, Africa and India.

On average, EMT refund £37 each time to passengers delayed on the service. When just £6 could help Railway Children feed a child in India three meals a day for a week, it is easy to see how this partnership will make a real difference to vulnerable children.

EMT has set up a user-friendly online system to enable the quick and easy donation option and it is hoped that even those travellers who would not necessarily decide to make their claim will be encouraged to do so for a good cause.

Jake Kelly, Managing Director for EMT, said: “Obviously we dislike our trains being late as much as our customers do and we do everything we can to avoid any delays. However, if we can make sure that a good cause such as Railway Children benefits in some way from any unfortunate delays, then at least we’re making a positive difference.”

Over the last 10 years, our valued partnership with EMT has raised £70,000 for Railway Children through everything from family days to special trains and employee events, and this scheme is the latest development in that ongoing relationship.