New project launched as training programme goes from strength to strength

  • Date: 26/06/2017
  • In: UK

Railway Children’s plan to ensure the safety of vulnerable people across the UK’s public transport system is going from strength to strength.

Rc443 St June NewspieceWe are continuing to train staff on the transport front line, everyone from rail professionals to shop staff and station cleaners, in how to identify and best protect people at risk. These could include children running away, at risk of sexual exploitation or adults with mental health issues or other vulnerabilities. The more people we can make aware of what to look out for, the more vulnerable people can be directed to the appropriate services to help them.

Our Safeguarding on Transport (ST) Champions then pass this training on to colleagues, reaching an even greater audience, and recent British Transport Police (BTP) reports show our methods are beginning to make an impact.

Figures from BTP collected between January and March 2017 revealed that they had 1,465 reports of children and young people that had been identified as being at risk.

That is 110 more reports per month than in previous periods – an increase that senior BTP officers have attributed to the greater awareness that our Safeguarding on Transport programme has created. This means that our approach is definitely working. More frontline transport staff are being trained, more referrals to the right people are being made and more vulnerable people are being protected.

With these reports underpinning the value of our work we are continuing to grow our number of ST Champions at the same time as establishing six new projects across the country.

These projects will take referrals directly from BTP and provide ongoing support to children and families in whatever way best suits the individual case. Feedback from BTP has also allowed us to identify the geographical areas where most safeguarding incidents occur and we have just opened the first of these projects in Manchester in response to this information.

As this project becomes more established, the next five open around the country and the ST training scheme continues, Railway Children’s vision to create a national safety network for vulnerable people on UK transport is becoming more and more of a reality.

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