If you’re heading back to work after a summer of fun abroad you might be suffering from post-holiday blues. But thanks to our partnership with Fourex, Railway Children can help you find a positive pick-me-up as you get back to reality.

Donate your foreign currency with Fourex

The currency provider operates machines that process loose change into bigger denominations or exchanges foreign money into sterling. Our charity is one of five working with them so anyone using their machines, found at London Underground stations and in shopping centres, can choose to support our work at the same time as changing your leftover holiday money.

Every penny that comes to us will go towards helping change children’s lives in Africa, India and the UK so small amounts really can make big differences. Alternatively groups of people or workplaces could hold a ‘foreign coin amnesty’ and do a group collection like the one recently organised by AnaCap Financial Partners. The team gathered all their change from several different currencies and donated an amazing £369 to Railway Children with the help of the Fourex conversion machine.