• Date: 06/09/2018

Railway Children has received a huge funding boost thanks to the generosity of the British people. The new grant, worth £3 million, from UK Aid Direct will help us transform the lives of street children in Tanzania. It has been awarded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and will have a massive impact on our work with these vulnerable children over the next three years.

Poverty is one of the main factors driving children to the streets in Tanzania. Many children also run away to escape from extreme violence at the hands of parents and authority figures. Railway Children’s street workers work day and night to make contact with children at the earliest opportunity, aiming to gain their trust before an abuser does and encouraging them to consider alternatives to life on the streets.



Changing lives and changing perceptions

This project is aiming to transform the lives of over 12,000 children and young people who are living on the streets. We will also continue our work with families and communities to try and stop children running away in the first place and to change the way they are perceived by society. The funding will help us make sure they can access food, healthcare and education as well as re-educating communities in order to reduce levels of violence, stigma and apathy towards them across Tanzania.

Railway Children’s Group Chief Executive Terina Keene said: “We are a grassroots organisation and this funding from the UK Aid Scheme will help us in our fight for vulnerable children who live alone at risk, suffering abuse and exploitation on the streets of Tanzania. This support will not only help us to meet their basic and immediate needs but also to change the dangerous stigmas they face each day and find practical long-term, life-saving solutions.”


This project was funded with UK aid from the UK government