We’re so excited to have been given the chance to broadcast a charity appeal live on BBC Radio 4 this summer and hope you’ll tune in to listen.

Our appeal will be read for us by the amazing broadcaster Nikki Bedi who will speak on our behalf about our work in India, especially with vulnerable girls and the dangers of child marriage.

Having an Indian father and grandmother who was one of India’s pioneering social workers, Nikki knows only too well the issues faced by so many children in the country where she started her career before going on to become a well-know presenter of Saturday Live on Radio 4.

Nikki said: 

I spent many years living in Mumbai and witnessed first hand the poverty and vulnerability facing so many children.

"It breaks my heart that the issues of child labour and early marriage are still so prevalent when children should be going to school, but seeing the work that Railway Children is doing in these fragile communities shows just what a difference can be made with the right approach. It’s a great honour to present this appeal on behalf of the charity as I know that together their project teams and supporters are changing the lives of children, families and entire communities.”

Tune in to hear Nikki present the BBC Radio 4 charity appeal on behalf of Railway Children at 7.54am on Sunday, July 10th or later on at 9.25pm.

Put the date in your diary now, and if you do miss it, come back here to access the recording after the broadcast.

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