Tanzania team shows top officials the impact of our work with street children

  • Date: 01 June 2022

A group of esteemed visitors were welcomed to our Mwanza office last week in a ground-breaking event that gave Railway Children’s teams the opportunity to demonstrate the impact of our projects in Tanzania.

Members of parliament representing the social services and community development parliamentary committee were shown various aspects of our work – from street outreach that protects those most vulnerable children forced to survive on the streets, to the ‘fit persons’ fostering scheme that gives those without families a safe home to live in – and were impressed with what they saw and heard. They also spoke to members of our youth associations who have been brought together to learn new skills and develop brighter futures and visited a family that we have been supporting with their food, social and economic needs.

The visit gave Railway Children Africa (RCA) the opportunity to raise awareness to the members of parliament of the issues faced by children so that they have a strong and unified voice in the parliament.

RCA’s Strategic Liaison Manager Rose Kagoro said: “The visit was a good chance for us to not only demonstrate the difference our work is making, but also to ask some key questions and push for the changes we need to see in order to support children and families. We were able to ask that resources for street children are specifically allocated within the next budget and that the policies that ensure children who have dropped out can be accepted back into school are enforced. 

"We are also asking for Tanzania to keep working towards a national plan to reach and support children living and working on the streets and that their families are included in social welfare schemes that can support them."

The visit was a great success and all the dignitaries seemed impressed by the work, and its impact, that they witnessed.

They left vowing to continue advocating for street children and our teams were delighted to have had the opportunity to help get children’s voices heard at the highest possible level.