New book delivers double dose of safety for children on the rail network

A children’s book written by train driver Bessie Matthews has been published that will keep children safe on the rail network – in two ways...

Not only does the child friendly, brightly illustrated book point out safe ways to travel on and around the transport system, it is also urges readers to donate to Railway Children at the same time, funding our efforts to reach and protect vulnerable children around the world.

Arlo’s Adventures There and Back is freightliner shunt driver Bessie Matthews’s first book and it gently educates children how to behave around the railway. It follows Arlo the badger as he makes his first ever solo trip on the train to see his friends Duskie and Moss, who live a couple of stops away. The reader helps the trio stay safe by choosing the correct answer to make safe choices in real world scenarios such as level crossings and station platforms.


Free copies handed out across the network

Twenty thousand free copies of the book are being handed out at stations across the UK while in intro page within it also urges readers to visit pour webpage and donating to Railway Children.

Bessie said: “It’s such an odd feeling to see such a little idea has all of a sudden become a reality but I hope it will help keep people safe around the railways.

I’m keen to raise as much money as possible to help with the charity’s amazing efforts for children, many of whom have nothing.


Arlo’s Adventures has been created thanks to support from Freightliner, Community Rail Network and ScotRail. For more details about the book, email Bessie at