Just one of the many children you have helped support

Just one of the many children you have helped support

Kavi was sitting alone, on a platform at Sealdah station, Kolkata

As the evening wore on the station became even more lonely and dark. A rescue worker, who noticed him earlier in the day, approached Kavi and asked if he had somewhere to go. Kavi looked scared, explaining he was waiting for his mother to bring food and collect him.

Being suspicious of Kavi’s explanation the rescue worker wouldn’t leave him on his own, together they searched the station. Kavi finally admitted running away from home, spending the previous night at the station alone and afraid, not daring to sleep in fear of the dangers around him.

Rescuing Kavi from the dangers of the streets

The rescue worker arranged for Kavi to spend the night at a Railway Children drop-in centre nearby. Kavi remained there for eight weeks. It took counselling and building his trust, but gradually we learnt his story.

His mother had died and his father re-married. Aged just 13 he dropped out of school. Kavi had proposed to a girl in his class. The girl’s parents and teacher were very angry with him for what they viewed as inappropriate behaviour. Kavi was subjected to torment, bullying and teasing from the other children at school.

Once we understood Kavi's story, we worked with Kavi’s father and step mother to address the issues that led to him running away. His family has now welcome him back and Kavi is now safe at home.

I slept at platform 9A, the other boys were sniffing glue and other addictions, I refused to take any, I was scared I would end up like them.

Returned home and back at school

Kavi is now back home and in school. His relationship with his family is improving and the situation at school resolved.

Because of our safety net at the child-friendly station we got to Kavi in time, saving him from the dangers faced by a young child living on the streets. 

I am so grateful to the rescue worker from Railway Children, my life is good.

Your support could help us reach many more children like Kavi

Together we’ve already given thousands of children real hope for the future, but there are still hundreds of thousands more. With your continued support, we can ensure we reach even more children before it’s too late. Your gift really could be their only chance.