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Our work in East Africa

We work in Tanzania, where children alone on the streets are frequently regarded by society as a nuisance that must be tolerated - a 'problem' rather than vulnerable children who desperately need help and support. Many are treated as criminals and locked up with adults, where they are subjected to further violence and sexual abuse.


Almost two thirds of children in Tanzania experienced violence before the age of 18.

Our approach to the issue


We want to help children move away from the dangers of the streets and, when possible and appropriate, back to their families and education. We want to change their lives for good, in every sense. We want to help all children who are at risk of running away in Kenya and Tanzania, not just those our outreach workers meet today.

We believe we can do this by raising awareness and changing the way children are perceived by communities and governments, as well helping children who are currently in desperate need.


Last year we supported and provided services to 3,778 children through outreach work in Tanzania.

We work at three levels...

1. Street Level

1. Street Level

At street level we work to meet the immediate needs of children at risk on the streets right now.  Our outreach workers spend time with children, urging them to consider a life away from the streets, and providing a safe place to stay while we work out the best long-term solution for their individual circumstances. Where we can, we work to reunite children with their families, but sometimes that’s not possible and we need other solutions.  Our innovative Street Associations project is one alternative.

Watch this video to find out about the struggles children face.

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2. Community Level

3. Government level


At government level we are working locally to help under-resourced government departments create the structures that are needed to protect children on the streets. Laws and policies are in place, but the knowledge, skills and resources aren’t there locally to ensure the law is adhered to and bring policies to life.

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