Jacob is nine. He was regularly spotted scavenging through debris at the local rubbish dump.

He was with his younger brother Isaac and their mother, Precious. She had a small baby tied to her back.

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Jacob and Isaac didn't go to school because they spent all their time helping their mother collect scrap for sale. The scrap didn't raise much money so the children often went without food and were weak and malnourished. Precious had been abandoned by the fathers of her children, leaving her to bring them up alone.

Someone to turn to

Jacob and Isaac were placed in a safe centre for the short term as we helped their mother to find an alternative means of livelihood and ways to improve life for herself and her family.

Weekly therapy sessions helped Precious to understand her past and how this had affected her present situation. With encouragement from the team, she became more optimistic and felt able to change her lifestyle for the benefit of her children. She requested to use a small portion of land nearby to plant vegetables for home use.


And now?

Five months later, we helped Jacob and Isaac return home. The project provided a proper bed for the boys and supported them in returning to school.

A monthly food basket helped to feed the family until Precious' vegetables were harvested.

How you can help

Your gift today could ensure that we can continue to help families like Jacob's and end the cycle of poverty that drives children to the streets.