To give all vulnerable children the opportunity of a better life we need to ensure that they are recognised and protected by government. We work with the Indian government in an advisory capacity as an expert in the field of children in need of care and protection. We sit on various committees with stakeholders, police, other NGOs and government departments.

In our advisory capacity we sit on the Ministry of Women and Children Development Panel and the Save the Children Research Advisory Committee. We also forge positive relationships with the Railway Board, government departments and other stakeholders who regulate the rail industry in India.

We’re involved in government schemes and initiatives that affect and protect children living on the streets in India. We’ve recently been working with the Ministry of Women and Child Development to roll out a successful pilot involving attachment of social workers to the Special Juvenile Police Unit. Access to a social worker gives vulnerable children in need of care and protection and those in conflict with the law protection and support and helps the police to adopt an appropriate child-friendly approach in these cases.