If your child has run away and you can't get in touch with, below is a starting point:

  • Ring around their friends and see if your child is there. Ask to speak to the friends' parents too. 
  • As soon as you're sure your child is missing, contact your local police as soon as possible by dialing 101. (The 24-hour waiting period doesn't exist for under-18s.)
  • Phone the school and see if it can shed any light on new friends your child might have been hanging around with, or places they might have been going. You can also ask the school if they can tell you if any of your child's friends are also absent that day.
  • Have a look at your child's Facebook wall (if they have one) to see if there's any information there, or check their internet history for clues. 
  • Send a text message that reassures your child the situation can be resolved, and letting them know you love them, to encourage them to get in touch. Avoid angry or confrontational messages.
  • Spread the word to as many people as possible that your child is missing.
  • Make a note of any of their clothes or personal items that are missing.


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