Chloe is 13.

Her dad died two years ago. Her mum struggled with depression afterwards and found it hard to cope. Grieving, angry at how her life had changed and with nobody to talk to, she started mixing with people who encouraged her to do things that were bad for her, including spending long periods of time away from home.

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During one of these times, she was sexually assaulted. Her attacker lived nearby and she bumped into him on a regular basis, which she found unbearable. Her relationship with her mum totally broke down, and her behaviour became even more self-destructive. Chloe felt her life was out of her control and she had no one to turn to.

She stopped attending school and started spending even longer periods away from home. Eventually things got so bad that her mum reported her missing to the police.


Someone to turn to

Luckily for Chloe the police located her, returned her home, and referred her to a Railway Children partner project nearby. She was given a dedicated project worker, Lisa, who worked with Chloe and her mother to resolve some of the problems that had led her to run away from home.

Lisa worked with Chloe over many months, helping her to identify safe choices and how to avoid potential dangers. Lisa liaised with Chloe's school to get her extra help and support and she even attended meetings to progress the court case against her attacker.

Chloe's life now

Chloe is now attending school regularly and receiving bereavement counselling. She has made good friends at school and her self esteem has improved. Thanks to the support of Railway Children she and her mum are getting on better and Chloe has not run away from home since.

How you can help

Every 5 minutes a child runs away from home in the UK, your gift today could ensure that we can continue our work with UK runaways like Chloe before, during and after they run away.