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Our work at government level in the UK

Over the last 25 years Railway Children has worked tirelessly, and at all levels, to fight for the rights and safety of children around the world.

In the UK our involvement in Government level policy-making and planning has been vital in helping us achieve some incredible changes to the systems and the structures in place to keep vulnerable children from harm. It is great to see the progress we have made and the impact that has had on so many young lives.


We submitted data from the British Transport Police to the Transport Select Committee to demonstrate the vulnerabilities children face when using the transport network. The resulting report, Safety On The Railways, called for action to address the issues and led to the development of our Safeguarding On Transport programme in partnership with BTP.


Railway Children was asked to present our understanding of the problems young people were facing to the Transport Select Committee, alongside Samaritans, BTPO and Train Operating Companies (TOCs).


Baroness Kramer brought key people from across the industry together to create a solution. BTP agreed to develop their Vulnerability Unit, TOCs agreed to ensure safeguarding was developed within the industry and Railway Children committed to working with both to raise awareness and develop training to ensure no further.


Railway Children and BTP agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining a referral system where all children and young people identified would follow this up offering support, family work, advice and information

Railway Children produced its five-year strategy with the UK programme focussing on vulnerable children at risk in and around railway station. We also launched our own projects ensuring children that had a service response once identified through the referral route with BTP.


The Department for Transport (DfT) made the Safeguarding on Rail Scheme (SRS) a committed obligation for the Rail industry (with support from Railway Children essential in getting this over the line)


The Designing out Crime Team within BTP, alongside Railway Children, developed the SRS Accreditation with Great Western Railway (GWR)


Railway Children currently has four projects in four regions in the UK that provide...

  • The Safeguarding on Rail Scheme Programme that includes: 

- Consultancy on SRS policy development, engagement and communications strategy

- Awareness training for rail colleagues and BTP

  • 1 to 1 support for BTP referrals of young people and families
  • Family intervention work
  • Safeguarding consultancy
  • Joint patrols with BTP and county lines work

If you have any queries about the work we do with BTP, DfT or in general, please get in touch our SRS Partnerships Manager

Emma Halewood

Emma Halewood

07594 509345

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