To make significant and sustained changes for children at risk on the streets of the UK, we need to ensure their care and protection is a priority for government.

We work in an expert advisory role to influence policy affecting children on the streets and to raise awareness at a government and national level. 

Awareness and influencing

Awareness and influencing

Andy McCullough, our Director of UK Policy and Public Affairs, is Chair of the English Coalition for Runaway Children, a coalition of children’s charities united in the campaign to support children who run away.

In this role, Andy strives to raise government awareness of the plight of children on the streets, and has given evidence in Parliament to Commons Select Committees. 

Our Safeguarding on Transport (ST) programme was developed following our submission of data from the British Transport Police (BTP) to the Transport Select Committee in 2014 which highlighted the vulnerabilities children face when using the transport network.

The resulting report into Safety on the Railways (Sept 2014) recognised and called for action to address this issue, resulting in us partnering with BTP to develop the ST programme.

We continue to work closely with the Department for Transport (DfT) to explore ways in which we can influence safeguarding of vulnerable children on and around the transport system.

Through membership of the Home Office Strategic Oversight Group we seek to influence government departments such as the Department for Education (DfE), to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people through policy, resources and rigorous inspection.