In the UK, children running away from home and living on the streets is often a hidden issue that many people assume happens somewhere else.

In order to help as many children as we can, we need the society in which they live to know and care about them.

Raising awareness

A vital part of our work is to raise awareness of children at risk on the streets of the UK and the issues and dangers that face them before, during and after running away.

We have partnered with British Transport Police (BTP) to develop our Safeguarding on Transport (ST) programme. Through the delivery of our ST training we are raising awareness of vulnerable children on and around the transport system and enabling positive identification and response.

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We recently launched a resource pack to help children and young people understand the risks of running away, and how to identify safer alternatives and people who may be able to help them. The Runaway Prevention Education Pack, which has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark, can be used by teachers, youth workers and any other professionals working with young people. 

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