The Department for Transport (DfT) believes safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. By working together we can protect vulnerable children and adults within the transport network. Railway Children’s Safeguarding on Transport programme, developed in partnership with the British Transport Police, enables you to protect people at risk within your network at the same time as fulfilling the requirements laid out by the DfT’s new Safeguarding on Rail Scheme (SRS).

We can work with you to ensure the obligations necessary for you to secure franchise agreements are met.

Compulsory safeguarding for all franchise bids

Safeguarding is now a compulsory requirement for all operators when they secure any rail franchise through the SRS. All bids must include the following:

  • Senior management commitment to safeguarding
  • A written and approved Safeguarding Strategy
  • Inclusion of safeguarding within staff recruitment, roles and responsibilities
  • Introduction of a safeguarding supervision, training and support programme

Railway Children can work with you to develop your Safeguarding Strategy and deliver plans to meet all safeguarding requirements.


Safeguarding Training

We provide training for transport staff so they can identify and protect those at risk, helping to create a safer environment for vulnerable children and adults.

Our eLearning options make training efficient and cost effective, or we can deliver face-to-face sessions with small groups.

Once completed, those trained will:

  1. Be aware of vulnerable people on transport
  2. Be concerned about their welfare
  3. Listen to what they have to say
  4. Reassure showing kindness and consideration
  5. Report any concerns to the police

Our team is able to meet all the training requirements of the SRS and can work with you to develop a tailored solution to meet your needs. To find out more, contact our call our Business Development Manager Suzanne Parsons on 01270 757596 or send us an email.


Additional SRS requirements

Stations with the highest number of safeguarding incidents will be required to implement additional activity to complement the safeguarding training.

The 25 stations with the most safeguarding incidents nationally will need to develop multi-agency partnerships to address local issues.

 We can help you bring together station management, retailers, train operating staff, BTP, security staff and relevant voluntary and community groups to create a Safeguarding Community/hub.

Activities of the Safeguarding Community include:

  • Co-ordinating Safeguarding on Transport awareness training
  • Gathering local intelligence regarding patterns of behaviour
  • Identifying and promoting local support services
  • Ensuring safeguarding messages are visible and information materials are available

Railway Children can help you in the development and delivery of your own Safeguarding Communities as well as carrying out ongoing evaluation, monitoring and reporting in line with the SRS requirements. To find out more, call our Business Development Manager Suzanne Parsons on 01270 757596 or send us an email.


Stations in the top 10 will need to develop projects that can directly respond to children and adults at risk.

We can help you develop Safeguarding Projects as we have the experience and expertise from launching and operating our own services in Manchester and London. At this projects, our workers take referrals directly from BTP and assess each young person’s situation to see what support they need and then offer information, advice and guidance. We give one-to-one support, working with the young person to reduce risk and vulnerabilities, and offer family work, to improve relationships and reduce conflict. Both of these methods are helping us achieve long-lasting, positive outcomes for young people and their parents/carers. 

We can help you do the same and together we can achieve long-lasting, positive outcomes for young people and their parents/carers, at the same time as ensuring that all SRS requirements are being met.

To discuss how we can help you with your Safeguarding Projects, call our Business Development Manager Suzanne Parsons on 01270 757596 or send us an email.

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Railway Children can help in the development and delivery of your safeguarding requirements. To discuss a tailored solution that meets all your needs, please get in touch.

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