Safeguarding on Transport is all about knowing how to spot someone at risk and making a difference when it matters most. It can change lives.

Making sure the right response and intervention is both understood and available means that more people can be kept safe on our transport network.

The Safeguarding on Transport programme consists of three elements:

1. Safeguarding awareness training

Providing safeguarding awareness training to transport staff so that vulnerable children and adults are identified promptly and given the right help.

This means that both frontline rail staff and the wider station community know how to respond to vulnerable people and offer them the support they need. By making sure as many people as possible can act as our eyes and ears we can create a safer transport network across the UK. We offer both face to face training and an eLearning option which Our online course is simple, efficient and cost-effective, allowing us to reach a huge transport audience.


2. Safeguarding communities

Creating safeguarding communities in key locations that bring together transport operators, police, retailers and suppliers in a multi-agency approach to safeguarding.

At locations where there are high numbers of safeguarding incidents, we bring together station management, retailers, train operating staff, BTP, security staff and relevant voluntary and community groups to create a Safeguarding Community/hub. Working together these groups will meet to discuss incidents, share ideas and monitor progress at their station.


3. Safeguarding projects

Developing safeguarding projects offering direct support services from BTP referrals, providing one-to-one support, advice and advocacy to vulnerable children and their families.

Teams at the Safeguarding Projects take referrals directly from BTP and assess each young person’s situation to see what support they need. before offering information, advice and guidance. One-to-one support reduces risks and vulnerabilities, and family work helps to improve relationships and reduce conflict. Both of these methods help achieve long-lasting, positive outcomes for young people and their parents/carers. We currently have projects that cover The North West, Yorkshire and Humberside and London and have plans to expand into the West Midlands and Lancashire.

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