We have both eLearning and face to face training options available which raise awareness of vulnerability and equip rail staff to play their part in keeping vulnerable people safe.

Face to Face Training

Station and On board Staff

Our Safeguarding on Transport awareness training enables station and on board rail staff who come into contact with vulnerable children and adults to:

• Recognise the signs that they may be vulnerable
• Know how to respond and report concerns
• Know more about common safeguarding issues on the rail network

County Lines

Following the increased threat of county lines, we have worked with BTP to develop a second face to face training programme for revenue staff to help them spot the signs of county lines exploitation in their daily interactions with young people. Making safeguarding interventions with young people who are being exploited and coerced into this type of criminality is the best way to protect the vulnerable and tackle county lines offending.

Each training session is 1½ hrs and can be run for up to 16 people.


Station and Onboard Staff

At the request of the rail industry we developed an eLearning version of our awareness training for individual completion which includes a scenario-based assessment. The training takes 30 mins and raises awareness of vulnerability and equips rail staff to play their part in identifying vulnerable children and adults.

Office Staff and Passengers

With 8.6m passenger journeys a day, passengers and general office staff also have a role to play in the identification of vulnerable children. People using the rail network for leisure and business are in a unique position to see and hear things that are unusual, out of place or that make them feel concerned that BTP and rail staff are not necessarily exposed to. By passing their concerns on to BTP, even more vulnerable children and adults can be identified and supported. We therefore developed a second 30-minute eLearning safeguarding awareness training module which educates office staff and passengers to identify and report vulnerable children and adults.

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