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A desperate act that changed Jamile's life

Jamile lost his father at the age of eight and his mother struggled to support the family. He started working at a food stall to help earn some money but it was hard work and long hours. Then the stall owner stopped paying him. Desperate to provide for his family Jamile stole 5,000 rupees (about £60) and ran away. He was ashamed and scared to go home and eventually ended up alone at Sealdah Station in Kolkata.

Jamile spent the next three years fighting for survival in the harsh environment. He was targeted by older boys who stole his money, beat him and sexually abused him. Jamile became one of so many children living on the streets of India, facing violence and exploitation and only finding escape by taking drugs.

From rescue to rebuilding relationships

From rescue to rebuilding relationships

Finally he was spotted by one of Railway Children’s rescue workers and taken to a centre where he could be supported and cared for. He started to get his drug addiction under control and eventually agreed to us contacting his family.

Jamile’s mother began making regular visits and as their relationship improved she was helped to support her family so that her son could go back home.

Jamile now has a future to look forward to and a strong bond with his family – but if we had been able to reach him sooner those three devastating years could have been avoided.

Just £23.73 could rescue a child like Jamile from the streets

Breakdown of the cost of saving a child's life in India

Here’s how:

Safety: A bed away from the streets for one night costs £6.72


Food: Three meals a day cost just 85p


Contact: The daily cost of an outreach worker on the streets is £8.66


Care: A hot bath and clean set of clothes costs just £7.50