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S. Navin Sellaraju
India Country Director


Finance and Administration 

Nitin Aggarwal
Finance and Admin Manager

Amit Kumar Sharma
Finance and Admin Officer

Ankush Ubale
Admin Assistant


Human Resources

Rachana Chawla
HR Manager


Knowledge Management and Quality Assurance

Swati Chawla
Knowledge Management & Quality Assurance Manager

Anushree Banerjee
Quality Assurance Officer

Sukanta Behera
Quality Assurance Officer


Strategic Alliance

Sanjay Tiwari
Strategic Alliance Manager

Afsar Ahmad Khan 
Strategic Alliance Assistant Manager 

Senior Strategic Alliance Officer

Karuna Dayal
Senior Strategic Alliance Officer

Programmes Support

Sr. Programme Manager 

V S Valavan
Programme Manager

Ravi Shankar
Field Officer - Darbhanga

Silpa Jaiswal
Field Officer - Bhubaneshwar

F V Jerome
Field Officer - Trichy

Field Officer – Ghaziabad


Development and support

Aparna Dwivedi
Training Officer

Ravi Shankar
Field Officer - Darbhanga

Field Officer - Salem



Shikha Gupta
Head of Fundraising

Anju Kwata
Fundraising Manager (Corporate)

Nishant Pratap Singh
Fundraising Manager (Individuals)

Many Pradhan
Donor Care Executive

Vijay Kumar
Database Officer