Railway Children is committed to being transparent in its work and accountable to its key stakeholders, in particular children living alone and at risk on the streets. We share information with partner organisations, and the general public, and we are accountable to our staff, volunteers, supporters, donors, suppliers and governments where we work.

We are publishing our current FCDO (Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office) accountable grant for 2018-2021 to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) Standard which can be found on the IATI Registry. This data will be updated quarterly (in arrears) for the lifetime of the grant.



Information policy

The information we publish and how we respond to requests for information are important aspects of accountability. We will publish information, and on request will disclose information, or give reasons for any decision not to disclose (for example, to respect confidentiality or privacy). Our key criteria for the decision will be the impact on our mission to support children living on the streets.

Attributions Licence

If you wish to use our information our license requires you to attribute your use of our database. We ask that you attribute us not only as a legal requirement, but also because your attribution allows us to demonstrate support and impact of our work, which in turn helps us to continue our work.

Attribution Licence Attribution Licence

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Part of the IATI standard requires publication of documents relating to grants. Below you can find information on our FCDO (Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office) grant. Annual reviews and other related documents will be added as they are created.


Advocating for the Implementation of the UN General Comment to change the Lives of Tanzanian Street Children


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