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No child should be at risk of abuse or exploitation by traffickers. Do you agree? 

Sign your name and help strengthen protection systems to stop children being trafficked across the Delhi-Howrah mainline in India.

You don't have to leave your email address or number, but if you do we’ll use it to keep you updated on our work and other ways you can support children and their families. You can opt out at any time.

Right now, vulnerable children being trafficked through the Delhi-Howrah rail network, and how together, we can help to keep more children safe. 

Our teams found 1,419 children at risk of being trafficked on this network in the last year alone. 

Vulnerable children are slipping through the safety net in high numbers while travelling through the Indian railway network. Many will end up in forced labour, sexually exploited or involved in criminal activity.

By strengthening the protection systems around transport hubs, we can reach more children at risk before a trafficker does.

That's why we're working with key stakeholders and training more people to spot India's vulnerable children across the country's vast rail network. 

We won't stop until every child gets the protection they deserve. 

Are you with us?