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An important part of our work is raising awareness of the issue of children running away or being forced to leave home, and getting people to help us make a difference so that no child ever has to live alone on the streets.

Our latest campaign

Protecting vital services for young runaways

Railway Children has joined forces with Action for Children to ensure that the Liverpool Young Runaways project can continue to work with the city’s most vulnerable children and young people.  Close to 900 children and young people were referred in 2014, with a significant number of those being 12 or younger.

We need your support to meet more children like David. Just 12 years old, he has learning difficulties and has had suicidal thoughts with a history of self-harming. Struggling with school work and socially, David has repeatedly gone missing, often straight from school and for periods up to 5 hours - putting himself in risky situations, wandering around the city centre.

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