Because we’re a small charity, we respond to our supporters quickly, treat you as individuals and listen to what you tell us.

We couldn’t do what we do without you.

When you donate to Railway Children, we promise:

  • to spend your donation wisely and efficiently
  • to respect your wishes if you’ve told us how you want us to spend your gift
  • never to sell your personal details or share them with anyone else
  • to always keep your financial information safe
  • to make sure our policies and practices comply fully with the Data Protection Act, Charity Commission standards and all other relevant laws and guidelines

When we communicate with you, we promise:

  • to tell you how we’re spending your money
  • not to bombard you with communications
  • to listen to you and only contact you in the way you want
  • never to contact you if you’ve asked us not to
  • to be especially careful and sensitive when we’re communicating with vulnerable people
  • to be clear and open about how we use your information online and how we use cookies

Read our privacy and cookie policy

When we’re fundraising, we promise:

  • to make sure the stories we share about children we’ve helped accurately represent the work we do
  • to protect the welfare and identity of every child we involve in our fundraising and to always get informed consent before we tell a child’s story or use their photograph
  • never to call you if you’re registered with the Telephone Preference Service, unless you’ve asked us to
  • if any external company, charity or organisation helps us with our fundraising, to make sure it always follows our high ethical standards
  • to make sure that the small amount we spend on fundraising pays for itself many times over, so we’ll raise more money to spend on street children
  • We’re proud to display the Give with Confidence kite mark because we’re a member of the Fundraising Standards Board.

If you ever make a complaint, we promise:

  • to acknowledge your complaint within three working days
  • to respond fully within ten working days – making contact in the way you asked
  • to make sure our supporter team is here to take your calls between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday
  • to make an annual report to the Fundraising Standards Board on any complaints we’ve had and how we’ve dealt with them

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