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Hero How your money changes lives

How your donations change lives

Together we've giving children and young people in India, Tanzania and the UK a better, brighter future.

Thanks to you...


vulnerable children across the world have been protected in the last year

Making Your Donations Count

Our aim is to continue to make your donations work as hard as possible which is why we try to keep costs down, work efficiently and make each pound go as far as possible. 

We’re so proud of the difference we’ve been able to make to thousands of children in India, Tanzania and the UK – and you should be too.

To find out more about the figures in more detail, you can download our latest annual reports and accounts.

Last year 74% of our income was spent on our charitable work.

Running our organisation efficiently means money does have to be spent on salaries and admin costs, but every pound spent by the charity brings in another £3.52 in funds.*

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