Railway Children's Three Steps to Change

3 Steps to Change

We believe that to achieve real, sustained change for children alone and at risk on the streets we need to fight for them on three fronts. We need to change their immediate situation; we need to change the way other people view them; and we need to change the way governments address their needs.

We do this using our 3 Steps to Change programme, which informs all our work.

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We give a child who is cold, hungry and frightened warmth, food and shelter. We provide someone to talk to, someone to trust, and a safe place to be. From there, we assess a child's individual situation and what they need in the longer term. If it's appropriate, we help them return home. If not, we help them find other solutions. We provide protection and opportunity for children with nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to.

We helped Jacob return to his family in East Africa.

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Children living the streets are often seen as a problem by communities and wider society. That's if they're seen at all. In some countries they're such a common sight that people have stopped noticing them. In others their existence is denied by people who prefer not to see them. This blindness allows street children to be abused and exploited. We fight to make children more visible by building relationships with communities and campaigning to raise awareness.

Samir benefitted from our work with vendors on railway platforms to make children more visible and direct them towards our street workers. 


To fundamentally change the way children on the streets are viewed and treated, we need governments to place more importance on their welfare and protection. The issue of children alone and at risk on the streets simply isn't high enough on the political agenda in any of the countries where we work. We fight to give street children a voice with governments and the people responsible for the policies that affect them.

We work closely with the authorities in India to review and improve conditions in government children's homes. Find out what difference this made to Monish.

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