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Group of boys

The amazing impact of your support in 2023

Together, across India, Tanzania and the UK, we reached and protected another 5,681 children.

5,681 lives changed, stories rewritten and futures restored.

In India, you protected 3,727 children across eight railway stations and one bus terminal...

...children like 9 and 11-year-old Deepak* and Manu*.

Our project workers met Deepak and Manu at one of India’s largest bus terminals – a well-known hotspot for child trafficking. Caught up in child labour, the boys were tired, hungry and desperate to get home but didn’t know how. Thanks to you, we were able to protect the boys from further abuse and exploitation and bring them safely home to their families where they could enjoy being children once more.

In the UK, you helped grow our Youth Participation programme: steering our work and helping keep more young people safe...

… young people like Sam*, Morgan* and Elizabeth* who, having been supported by Railway Children in the past, are now speaking out and bringing change for other children across the UK who are where they once were – and developing their own skills in the process.

In Tanzania, you helped 1,789 children and young people move away from the streets into safer, brighter futures...

... young people like Bahati*, who can now look forward to the future with confidence thanks to the vocational training your money provided. Through getting involved in one of our youth associations in Tanzania, Bahati was able to earn an income, become part of a support network with other young people and learn vital life skills to help build her own brighter, more sustainable future. 

Navigating Challenges, Inspiring Hope

The past year hasn’t been without its challenges – as families have struggled with the cost of living and children have continued to fall through the gaps of overstretched public services.

But through it all, you’ve ensured we can continue to be there – bringing hope, strength and a brighter future to thousands of children and families.

Will you continue to help change lives and rebuild futures?

...could pay for an outreach worker to be based at a bus station in India for four days, providing food, care and urgent support to children at risk.

Donate £30 >

...could pay to run one of our Youth Participation forums in the UK, ensuring young people get their voices heard and continue to inform our work.

Donate £250 >

...could pay for the tools a young person in Tanzania needs to complete their vocational training, enabling them to build a secure future.

Donate £49 >

*Names changed to protect identities.