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Meet the children

With you by our side we’ve been able to reach and protect thousands of vulnerable young people in Tanzania, India and the UK.

Together we’ve changed children's lives and given them a future worth looking forward to

These are just some of their stories...


Shufaa was just four years old when she was separated from her mum and moved over 700 miles away to live with her father and stepmother.

Six years later, her father left home and, without his protection, Shufaa’s stepmother began to abuse and neglect her. Eventually, not knowing what else to do, Shufaa ran away to look for her father. Instead, she found herself alone and struggling to survive on the streets where she was vulnerable to physical violence, sexual abuse and forced labour.

Thankfully, a member of the public reported Shufaa to a government Social Welfare Officer, who then referred her to us.


Darcy was 14 when she ran away from home.

As the arguments turned to fights and tensions over money escalated, she felt scared and as though she was part of the problem.

Darcy boarded a train and ended up lost, alone and far from home on a train station platform with no money and nowhere to go. 

Thankfully, a member of the public noticed Darcy and reported her to rail staff. 

Deepak and Manu

Deepak and Manu were just nine and 11 when our outreach workers found them, scared, hungry and alone, selling scrap metal at one of India's largest bus terminals.

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This inspiring 21-year-old went from hopeless to hopeful thanks to the skills and support she received through our Youth Association programme.

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We met Jamie when he was 15, and facing challenges at home and school. He was referred to us after being attacked and involved in drug dealing.

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Our teams first started working with Zoe when she was 14, after officers found her sitting at the side of the railway tracks threatening to end her life.

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Sarika ran away from her auntie and uncle's house when they refused to let her return home to her parents, putting herself in a dangerous situation.

Meet Sarika


Denis was bullied by his stepmother so much he decided he was better off living on the streets, facing a brutal existence full of violence and trauma.

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Kanoni was only nine years old when she found herself living on the street. Her only means of survival became sex work - and the violence that went with it.

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Arshad and Sahil

Arshad, aged nine, and Sahil, aged six, were playing in the street but soon became lost and alone at a station in India.

Meet Arshad and Sahil


Ade was just 11 when British Transport Police found him alone on a train. He was in extreme danger and didn't understand the risks he was taking.

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(Names and identities have been changed and models are used to protect children’s privacy)