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Our teams first started working with Zoe* when she was 14 after British Transport Police officers found her sitting at the side of the railway tracks threatening to end her life.

Her boyfriend had cheated on her and she was having a difficult time – with poor mental health and depression as well as clear anxiety. We followed up the referral from British Transport Police and got to know Zoe, soon finding that she struggled with low self-esteem, didn’t like crowds, rarely went out and was being bullied at school.

We started helping her build up her confidence and made sure she got the right support through other organisations too as well as getting to know the family. Zoe lived with her mum but money was tight and her mum admitted that paying for the right uniform had been a challenge. With your help, we were able to make sure Zoe was properly kitted out for school and often took her to school on days she didn’t feel she could face it alone. 

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We were making great progress and Zoe had started to turn the corner when the family suffered a huge setback as her mum was diagnosed as having cancer.

The family was already fragile but they spiralled further – with Zoe worried about the future and lashing out at school. We made sure to be there for them, offering emotional and practical support for Zoe and also making sure their mum made it to all her appointments. Gradually she started to recover and the relief was clear in the change of behaviour of both her daughters.

We have kept in touch with the family as they grow stronger together and we’re so proud to see how far Zoe has come.

She now has a bright future ahead of her and a bright outlook to match, thanks to supporters like you. 


*Name has been changed and a model has been used for this case study to protect identities.