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When you support Railway Children, we want your donations to work as hard as possible to make a difference. For the greatest impact, we bring together lots of people and work at three levels to reach the maximum number of children and make the change as sustainable as possible.

1. Street Level

We meet the immediate needs of children on the streets right now. Our outreach workers spend time with children, gaining their trust and providing a safe place to stay while we work out the best long-term solution for their individual circumstances.  

We work to return children home when possible, and support children and their families to resolve their issues and make their reunions successful.

2. Community level

We change communities’ perceptions of children on the streets, helping people to understand the issues that cause children to run away and the difficulties they face on the streets.

We work with communities to help them recognise their role in protecting the vulnerable children in their locality and teach them how they can play their part.

3. Government level

We persuade policy makers that children living on the streets should be higher on the political agenda and that government policies should provide greater protection and opportunity for them.

We advise and assist on issues that affect children on the streets at government level. We help communities to implement and enforce existing laws and policies to keep their children safe.

Where we work