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Advice and information

Whether you're a young person, adult, caregiver or professional looking for support – we're here for you.

Looking to find out more about our work in the UK?

Whether you’re a young person in need of support, a parent or caregiver concerned about your child, or a professional looking for information about partnerships and training, we’re here to help.

Information and advice for young people, adults and professionals

Information for young people

We provide advice and support to children and young people who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing or experiencing crisis.

Information for young people

Information for parents and carers

We offer advice and guidance for parents, carers and other adults on how to spot the signs of children at risk and who to report concerns to.

Advice for adults

Information for professionals

Find out how we're working with British Transport Police and rail partners to keep children and young people safe on the transport network.

Information for professionals

Child exploitation

Children can be exploited anywhere and are at risk in public places, including those that are regulated by local councils, police and other agencies. While transport hubs can provide safety, shelter and opportunity, they also make the ideal hunting ground for gangs and criminals seeking to exploit and abuse vulnerable children.

In the UK, we work with every vulnerable young person referred to us by British Transport Police to understand exactly what individual support they need. We partner with various other agencies able to provide different services so that each child can get the best support for their situation.

If we can reach a vulnerable child or young person before an abuser can, we have a better chance of preventing abuse and exploitation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with children and young people aged 10 to 17 who may be struggling with their mental wellbeing, feeling isolated or having problems at home. We also support those who have been found at risk at on the UK transport network, including victims of criminal exploitation.

We take referrals directly from British Transport Police for children and young people who have been identified as at risk on the rail network. We will then contact the child or young person to establish if they need further support and identify who is best to provide this.

Our Youth Practitioners visit young people and their families/carers to provide direct support tailored to their needs, as well as advocacy and advice. We also liaise with other professionals and can support with issues around education, health, safety and wellbeing.

Our Youth Practitioners work across five project areas in the UK, including: London, the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, the North West and Glasgow.