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The Safeguarding on Rail Scheme

The Safeguarding on Rail scheme (SRS) has been developed by the Department for Transport and British Transport Police in response to the increasing numbers of vulnerable people using the rail network. It is based upon the core principle that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, with industry organisations having a vital role to play in protecting vulnerable children and adults.

A person is to be considered vulnerable if as a result of their situation or circumstances they are unable to take care of, or protect, themselves, or others from harm or exploitation.

College of Policing

The SRS is an opportunity for organisations operating on the UK rail network to demonstrate how they are working with partners to play a proactive role in safeguarding vulnerable people on the network.

Our work with the rail industry

Our work with the rail industry

The SRS objectives align perfectly with Railway Children’s strategic aim for our UK Safeguarding on Transport programme which is to create a safety network for vulnerable people across the UK transport system, ensuring they are identified and offered the support they need.

We have an established suite of online safeguarding training programmes specifically designed for frontline rail staff and Safeguarding Champions in the rail industry.

We have provided training to 5,147 rail colleagues in the last year, with outstanding feedback from the rail industry, and lifechanging stories of intervention involving vulnerable children.

Testimonies from the frontline 

"I’ve been in the rail industry for seven years and this is the first time something like this has been presented to me. We get taught to an extent to look out for the vulnerable, but this is very specific and actually shines a much bigger light on situations I have faced where I now feel I could, and should, have done more."

"I didn’t realise there were so many little signs that someone could be in difficulty."

"It’s easy in our day-to-day working life to be quick to judge young people travelling, especially without a ticket."

What We Provide – Our Support

If you are considering implementing the SRS within your organisation, whether as a committed obligation or voluntarily, we can help you meet the assessment criteria in the following areas:

1. Senior Leadership and Commitment

We can help you create and implement a safeguarding strategy that complies with the Safeguarding on Rail Scheme and provide ongoing safeguarding consultancy and support.

2. Safeguarding Communication

Our team will develop and implement an effective communication plan relating to safeguarding and vulnerability for both your employees and customers.

3. Responding to Vulnerability 

We can advise on local safeguarding initiatives to mitigate issues at high vulnerability locations.

4. Staff Recruitment, Roles and Responsibility

We can review current policies and procedures to ensure they meet safeguarding requirements.

5. Training

Our team will write and deliver an effective safeguarding training plan to enable staff to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to support vulnerable people.

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To discuss how we can meet your safeguarding training needs, please get in touch with Joe Clay, Programme Manager – Safeguarding Partnerships.