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Malcolm Brown


Group Operating Officer 

Ben Prasadam-Halls


Pete Kent
Programme Development Director

Gaynor Little
Programme Manager - Youth Practice 

Joe Clay
Programme Manager - Safeguarding Partnerships

Francesca McKay
Regional Manager - Glasgow

Lucinda Chambers
Regional Manager - East

Stephanie Kelsey
Monitoring & Evaluations Manager

David Bentley
Training, Development and Participation Manager

Andrea Westhead
Youth Practitioner North West

Elizabeth Gibbons
Youth Practitioner North West

Laura Broadbent
Youth Practitioner Yorkshire and Humberside

Tiegan Woods
Youth Practitioner Yorkshire and Humberside

Neville Gustave
Youth Practitioner London

Jennifer McFarlane
Youth Practitioner Birmingham

Danica Burrows
Youth Practitioner Glasgow

Group Chief Executive

Rob Capener


Head of Safeguarding

Wade Tidbury


Finance and Administration

David Brookes
Finance Director

Angela Smirthwaite
Finance Manager

Wendy Brawn
International Finance Manager

Julie Foster
Executive Assistant to the Group Chief Executive

Kaye Brindle
Data Processing Supervisor

Carol Taylor
Data Clerk


Human Resources

Carole Noble
Group Director of People and Culture

Group Director of Marketing and Fundraising

Jack Miller



Helen Shepard 
Head of Public Fundraising and Engagement

Mary McLaughlin
Head of Corporate and Events

Lizzi Hollis
Corporate Partnerships Manager

Heather Kelly
Supporter Engagement Officer

Emillie McNally
Supporter Services Officer 

Cat Howourth
Events Manager

Bethan Marshall
Event and Corporate Fundraising Officer

Pauline Medovnikov
Trusts and Grants Manager

Hannah Gosset
Trusts and Grants Officer


Suzi Lawrence
Senior Marketing & Communications Manager

Amy Sargeson
Digital Marketing Manager

Lucy Carman
Strategic Content Manager

Hannah Gosset
Advocacy Content Manager 

Gemma Coast
Graphic Designer