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What does safety mean to children on the streets?

April 12th is International Day for Street Children – a day to give street children a voice so their rights cannot be ignored. 

This year's theme was keeping children on the streets safe and raising awareness of what we can do to ensure they are protected from harm.

Every child deserves to feel safe. Whatever it means to them, and regardless of their circumstances.

Watch this video to hear about what safety means to the children we work with in India and Tanzania.


Together we'll keep children safe, today and every day. 


Railway Children works to find the best solutions and practices to break the cycle of abuse, neglect and family breakdown and keep children SAFE for good. We develop safety nets for the most vulnerable children before, during and after they are lost to the streets. Whether it is our outreach workers, rail workers or community workers, their focus is on providing a safe environment for children to not only survive, but to thrive.

Help us protect more street children across the world