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Let your legacy be their future

Let your legacy be their future

Thanks to our amazing supporters we’ve been able to reach and protect vulnerable children and families throughout some difficult times lately. We know that the impact of this global pandemic will be felt for generations to come as the crisis leaves behind its legacy of poverty and hardship. But your legacy could help us change that and make sure we will be there for the children that need us most, now and long into the future.

Leaving Railway Children a gift in your will is an amazing way of making a lasting difference.


How we can help you

If you feel that you could leave something to us once your own loved ones have been provided for, it would help us keep children safe and give them the chance of a future worth looking forward to.

It won’t cost you anything during your lifetime, but what you leave behind could be what helps their lives go forward.

If you want to discuss legacy options or need more information contact Helen Shepard on or call 01270 757596 if you want to talk to someone in person.

Useful resources when planning your will

Planning your will) Planning your will

A free guide to help you prepare for visiting your solicitor.

Legacy Guide) Legacy Guide

Find out how you can help Railway Children by leaving a gift in your will.

Pledge form) Pledge form

Please let us know about a bequest that you have made.

Codicil) Codicil

How to use a codicil to add a beneficiary to your will.

I have been able to succeed and prosper in life. I feel a moral duty to offer a gift, to give young children less fortunate than myself that same opportunity.

Mark King, Legacy Pledger and Supporter of Railway Children